Vikings Robotics Team 2984

Vikings Robotics is a student run team from La Jolla High school. Our team has 20 full time members, and 2 full-time mentors.

Most of our members have little prior knowledge when they join our team; the skills that people learn through FIRST Robotics can’t be easily taught in a classroom or learned at home.

Prior team members continue to use what they have learned into college and adult life. Members have gone on to pursue STEM degrees at engineering focused colleges such as Cal Tech, MIT, UC Berkeley, and Cal Poly SLO.

Mission Statement

Vikings Robotics support the building of real world skills, instilling an appreciation for STEM fields in our members as well as giving back to the community through our outreach programs with local schools and groups.

Community Outreach

Our team has hundreds of volunteer hours logged with local elementary schools such as Bird Rock and La Jolla Elementary. We help elementary school teams participate in the FIRST Lego League. We also participate in outreach with Muirlands Middle School. We strive with our local community to promote participation in robotics and inspire the next generation of Scientists and Engineers.

Information for Parents

Our team takes safety as our top priority. We always have an adult with us when we are in the Robotics room. All students who operate the machinery are monitored to avoid accidents. Along with being safe we also get fed every Saturday due to the long hours we are at the room. This weekly lunch is usually paid for and retrieved by students but we are asking parents to spend some time helping out the team. More information can be found at

Information for Mentors

Hello! Team 2984 robotics team needs YOU! We are in search of mentors and teachers to help supervise and instruct to benefit the team. If your child is interested in robotics or you’ve participated in a similar club then email us at for further information.

We have two full time mentors who specialize in software and fabrication. We have about 10 laptops, 1 desktop, 2 mills, 1 bandsaw, 1 lathe, 3 hand drills, although any help would be greatly appreciated whether it’s your time or expertise.

-Vikings team 2984

Information for Subteams

Our team is split into four groups:

Communications deals with community outreach creating the website and fundraising. Logistics is the gateway for our team into the financial world they plan our budget and T-shirts.

Mechanical creates what we imagine assembling the robot and any attachments.

Electrical/Software is the code behind our feats, they assemble and fix any electrical components we have on the robot and create the code that the robot can automatically follow to shoot a ball, climb a rope, or scale the tallest mountains.


FIRST stands for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology”. There are hundreds of Regionals around the world as well as a few National competitions and a Worlds competition each year. Overall there is about 3,600 teams from all over the world from China to Germany to right here at home. FIRST was founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen, and has dedicated itself to inspiring students to become leaders in STEM fields.

Email us at:

Meet us at:

Room 908

On Wednesdays during Lunch

Room 604

After school from 3-6 and 10-2 on weekends

Team 2984