Vikings Robotics Team 2984

Day 1 1/2 - a new season begins

By Marshall McInerney & Lukas Koziol (Boredom in Belgrade) on

Hello all! It’s me again and were back with another season of robotics. we have some new faces and had to say goodbye to some old ones.

Electrical is working on trying code on our robot. Grant is also in charge of making sure everyone gets good with the safety test and trying sensors on our robot. They’re doing their best

Mechanical are making a Cad model for the bumpers, the Mechanical team is re-assembling the kit bot they took apart last meeting. and just getting everyone situated.

Communications is working on the logo, getting the blog done, and getting fliers ready for club day, where we hope to get new recruits. were also trying to get all the forms so people can actually join the team.

Logistics. Alex is emailing the battle at the border people to see if the competition is still on, hes also mapping the new auto-shop room so people don’t get lost.

Drive team is only one member today so Tabatha is just helping people.

Last week was saying Hello to the new recruits and making the new room work. were all excited for another mazing season in robotics.

New Crib