Vikings Robotics Team 2984

Boardhouse reach

By Marshall McInerney (IQ is a finite Resource) on

What’s good sports fans, just kidding I know you’re all here for robotics. In which case we’ve been having a grand old time constructing and settling in to a second week of robotics. A Lot has happened this well so here’s the recap.

Mechanical has built the platforms and other field elements, and has also made an intake for the robot to grab the hatch panels.

Electrical has been building a dashboard to look at all the stats of the robot and also making software so the camera knows where it’s going during autonomous.

Communications has been working with drive team to make shirts and learn how to drive and we’ve kinda semi merged into one niche team.

Logistics has been making money and filing but has really been lacking because now it’s build season

We’re also constructing a printer for Mrs Stuart and having a great time. It feels good to be back, baby.

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