Vikings Robotics Team 2984

Calorie counting

By Lukas Koziol (One Plus One Equals One) on

Welcome to the regularly scheduled update to the blog, today, after a regularly scheduled failure of our climb mechanism, we began to sample the best offerings at the local cornerstore, in this blog post we will evaluate the food-stuffs we found.

Bacon Flavored Cheez-Its - While bacon, they tasted surprisingly good, 3.5/5

Bimbo Cuernitos = Mexican croissants, 3/5

White Powdered Mini Donuts = Daily calories for a dollar fifty, 5/5

Rips = Mechanical and electrical are unhealthy because of these, 2/5

Arizona Green Tea = solid 3/5

Instant ramen = ramen, was decent 3.5/5

Hi - Chew = Very chewey also nice, 4/5 would eat hi chew again.