Vikings Robotics Team 2984


By Lukas Koziol (I'm running out of captions) on

Communications has run into a slight issue where we are running out of clever blog titles, captions and subscripts, any suggestions would be appreciated. We have run out of hoodies however more are being ordered, we also have the benefit of new gadgets to mess around with which will hopefully be showcased soon.

Mechanical is behind schedule however the majority of the pieces to attach to the robot are done, while the time frame is tight and electrical works, it is hypothesized that our robot will in fact be functional though facts may or may not support this assumption.

Hoodies sold out however we have ordered more, if you want a hoodie please email us the price is still to be determined however they will likely be between 40 and 50 dollars.

In other news Caravan Palace released a new single and it’s amazing, go check it out.