Vikings Robotics Team 2984

Your Semi-Regularly Updated Blog

By Lukas on

Hello and welcome to the regularly scheduled blog update, where I say what we did and no one really fact checks. With new members comes new rules and regulations, mainly, don’t graffiti. The ability our team members have to accomplish this is somewhat untested however, I have faith that they can learn.

As we prepare for battle at the border which at this point, is less than one week away we realize inadequacies and attempt to address those which we find, as Electrical has broken autonomous, our focus now shifts to the competing to the best of our ability, we remember what came before and what we must now do to accomplish our goals.

The Supporters page has been updated, we welcome back old sponsors such as Verance and Copy Cove, as well as new ones such as Wowwee toys, Perkins, and the Kiwanis foundation. We would like to thank them for their generous contributions.

As drive team prepares for competition, we will keep you updated with the semi-regularly updated blog which will hopefully remain semi-regularly updated.

At Vikings robotics, we are constantly evolving and now possess a need for a new mascot design, email any suggestions to us at our email account.