Vikings Robotics Team 2984

Bag and Tag!

By Lukas Koziol (AHAHAHHA!) on

Today is the final day, our build season over and it’s the final bag and tag that will be taking place, it’s the end of an era. Throughout this season we have built a robot that we can be proud of, gone through challenge after challenge together and succeeded.

I’d like to thank our members families for their generous contribution to our team, our sponsors who supported us and made this season possible, our mentors whose leadership and guidance was extremely valuable for our team over the build season. Finally I’d like to thank the team members who came and worked to build our robot.

We will be participating in the Del Mar regional as well as the San Diego regional in weeks 1 and 2, these events will both be held at the del mar fairgrounds, thank you for your generous support and contributions that made this possible.