Vikings Robotics Team 2984

The Del Mar Super Blog

By Lukas Koziol (AHHHHH) on

The Del Mar regional was a blast, through it all, the memories, the people and the experience it was a roller coaster. We made the semifinals again, we made new friends (shoutout to team 4984 and team 2102) and had a blast while doing it.

The Regional started on Friday, we played in a multitude of practice matches attempting to iron out the flaws that cropped up, this proved to be extremely difficult however going into day 2 we were optimistic especially with our level 3 climb. On this day however we were plagued with a series of different battery issues, it turns out them majority of our batteries are basically dead or have serious issues, for 5 matches straight our battery had something go wrong with it. We also talked to our neighbors team 4984, team bullseye who were really nice. They had crayons and coloring sheets which were definitely a highlight of the day.

The third day started reasonably, we did well winning more qualifiers with our defensive strategy as well as climbing with our arms, the end of the day came and we were selected in alliance selection to an alliance with the Hawaiian kids and team Paradox, a huge shoutout to both of them for this, we won our quarterfinal match but lost in the semifinals after more battery issues.

We had a blast meeting other teams, collecting pins and stickers, meeting new people and experiencing new things. Our dedicated mechanical team fixed most every problem we encountered and electrical fixed most every problem that was encountered, with the valiant work throughout the regional.

An extra special thanks to our mentors, drive team, team leads, and members for making this possible, as well as our sponsors.

The Del Mar regional was a blast and it was tons of fun. The San Diego regional is coming up next week and we hope for the best.

Next blog will be a San Diego Super Blog followed by images of the season.