Vikings Robotics Team 2984

The San Diego Super Blog

By Lukas Koziol (AHHHHH) on

Welcome to the somewhat late San Diego super blog, it isn’t that we had no expectations after last week, more of a set of reserved expectations, we went into San Diego on Thursday, things didn’t start the greatest, our robot radio just flat out was not working and trying something new to get the hatch panel mechanism working just did not work. In the meantime, drive team decided to change strategy, we became a primarily defense robot with climb at the end and it worked extremely well, we won multiple matches, it was during one of these matches that we got a red card, the other robot had extended to place a cargo when we hit them, they tipped over for which we got a red card for. Entering day two our prospects were looking up and we were one of the top seeded alliances. we won two of our final three matches which made us the six seed going into alliance selection however we moved up a spot to become the fifth alliance. We picked to our weaknesses, picking nubotX for our cargo requirements and Blue thunder for hatch panels, we played against the fourth seed losing the first match 49-50. The second match went worse at NuBotX had their robot break down which contributed to us losing the match. We are proud of how we did being one of the top teams in the tournament, and there are high hopes for next year. For two years straight we have made the playoffs and we want more.

This regional was a blast, we did multiple times better than the holy cows, we made new friends, had korean bbq and had a general good time.