Vikings Robotics Team 2984

The Election Update

By Lukas Koziol (Graduated) & Marshall McInerney on

Closing in on the end of the off-season, leadership changes and graduating members lead to a series of changes in leadership roles as well as membership demographics. This season the team will only lose two members due to graduation, Monika Lyons and Lukas Koziol, respected members of the team who contributed massively over the past few seasons. Elections were held over this past week to elect the next president, congratulations to Niki Hartman for successfully being re-elected to the presidency, we trust that she will be able to lead this team to greatness in the coming seasons. This off-season our projects are the creation of a paper air-plane launcher and the acquisition of a wagon. The paper air-plane launcher has been coming along nicely, and the acquisition of a wagon will surely help the poor members arms when carrying the robot.

Throughout the off-season we have a secondary goal of disassembly of the robot, retrieving electronics which can be used for next season and learning from what worked and what didn’t work from this year’s robot. This year there was definitely a lesson to be learned about batteries, an issue we discovered during competition requiring us to completely replace our battery inventory with new batteries. Strategy was a major winner of this season, as we successfully made it to the semifinals in both regionals we competed in this year thanks to it.

As the cleanup of the room continues, disassembly and reorganization of our parts, and trying out new things, the spirit of innovation will not cease here at vikings robotics.

Congratulations to Niki Hartman on winning the presidency, and goodbye to Monika and Lukas, you will be missed.