Vikings Robotics

Day 36 - Crazy Wrap

By Tanvir Hussain (Same Day) on

WOAH a lot of things happened today…Quick I’ll tell you as I do more stuff.

Mechanical has all the bumpers mounted and soon will get some covers on there too. WOOOO!!! Mechanical has less jobs than people.

Bumper Covers

Electrical swarmed the robot again. This time they tied down all the wires so that they won’t get ultra destroyed by the wheels or the like. Now Software takes to the field (Psst Electrical and Software are the same people) they worked on making the Arm on the Robot work but that ended in a little bump in progress.

Don’t worry the robot didn’t implode it just has a big dent in the top now.

Software now sits working on the robot except SOME people aren’t working as hard as others…


Logistics helps Communications find the sponsors that should go on the Robot. Today we order the stickers that will go on the Robot, they look pretty sick. I’ll send a picture to you after they come. Communications is also working on formulating plans to ask other teams at the competition what their robot can do. They are also creating a plan for what people will do at the competition

In other news, we named the Robot today. At first the name of Thicc Bot was tossed around. However after a few seconds of deliberation the name was shot down by a mentor. But from the death of one name came the birth of another. The mentor “vetoed” the name Thicc Bot and thus the name of the robot became clear…Veto.


Drive Tabithar is taking a break from driving and is focusing on trying to make another kitbot like Veto so we can practice if another group needs Veto.


The mood is frantic

The Quote of the Day is “Let’s call it Shorty. HMPH Shorty has legs fo’ days”