Vikings Robotics

Day 37 - GO GO GO

By Marshall McInerney (Not Dead Yet) on

I was sick and couldn’t make it yesterday so this is all based off of Tanvir’s rundown. I love you all and I try to make it to every meeting because I know my readers thirst for the knowledge of the happenings of the robotics team with a light glaze of humor and current events.

Drive team made a model field for practicing, and can successfully place 5 cubes in two minutes on the scale, 6 to the exchange, which is pretty impressive! good for them.

Electrical is busy making software and getting autonomous to work for the robot.

Mechanical making weight adjustment so arm wouldn’t fall, and more intakes for the robot (as they seem pretty fond of making)

Logistics finished budget and cost of robot (finally)

Communications did not do anything because no one was there, so that’s fun

Good day, Marsh