Vikings Robotics

Day 38 - Magnum Opus

By Marshall Mac (Fightin' Tooth and Nail) on

It’s the last day of robotics and everyone is scrambling to get everything done and dusted with so were ready for the competition. and though no one else really notices it, a bittersweet mood is hanging over the air. Our friends, companions, and partners, all put to the test, then destined to be apart until the competition. For once, the fake jest of failure is replaced by something more surprising, Faith.

Drive team is doing the same thing, rapidly cutting precious seconds off the time, and making great progress in the handling and motoring of the robot.

Electrical is finishing and refining the code for autonomous mode, which is very cool to watch and its more than I can understand.

Mechanical is doing the same thing, creating intake on second robot while logistics packs tools we need for the competition and Communications is finishing stickers and the final blog

And communications is busy finishing up tying some loose ends and I’m here writing this blog. Even here I feel a strong connection to all of my friends I’ve made here. and while I still have your attention, I’d like to say thanks to everyone, everyone who has made this season special and the people I’ve met and befriended. I’d like to say thanks to the comedic geniuses Cameron and Grant who’ve kept the mood up even if I don’t understand what they’re saying half the time. Also to my boys Richard, Bohan, and Eric for helping out and helping the team program and make the robot work. Also to Lilith and Tabitha for being the mechanical Wizards and meme-lords the team has come to love. Also to Ben, who I have known before this but never ceases to amaze me in his abilities and wit, and now I know better because of Robotics. I would also like to say thanks to Lukas and Warren, who I’ve come to know as frenimies and certainly kept me on my toes. Also to Niki who has really taken charge and became a force to be reckoned with. To the last person who is loosely in my age range, Alex the finance boy, who despite doing the same thing all year hes really progressed and now can handle logistics like a pro. And to my mentors and helpers that have instructed us all and helped us learn and build and have made the transition to robotics much easier and more enjoyable. Second to last, Aden, Dylan, And Max who have kept up with the teaching and sass we’ve all known to love and were truly going to miss when they leave. I’d most of all like to give special thanks to the head of Communications himself, Tanvir. He’s been very supportive and helped me so much on this huge journey into the robot world and I do not have enough words to thank him. Everyone else not mentioned I’d like to congratulate and thanks for shaping robotics as a whole.

Love y’all, Signing off for the last time of the season

Marshall McInerney (See you soon)