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Off Season day 1 - Splinters and Spiders

By Marshall Mac (Kickin' back) on

The team is just kinda cleaning up and chilling out as we “indoctrinate” some new members and reflect on the year. More specifically, Us at communications are busy sorting out wood and making a poster for the door, were also using small pieces of wood for a fun little soap-car competition were gonna have on June 2nd.


Electronics and Mechanical are busy dismantling the robot so we can re-use the parts next year. Everyone knows you gotta Reduce, Re-use, And Recycle! So yeah they are also looking into the two new members as to which which metaphorical team wall they stick to. The two members in question are Bruce and Nick. and they’re ready to get to work hopefully.

If you or a friend want to join robotics you can always come to room 908 on Wednesdays, even since its off-season! We always want new team members! the actual robotics room is 604. if you want to learn more you can come to the wednesday meetings in Mrs. Saddler room 204

The boys

The mood is hating bad songs Love y’all Marshall