Vikings Robotics

Off-season Day 2 - Driving and Coding

By Tanvir Hussain on

Ah watching the new team members be taught by current members is such a fulfilling feeling. Me and Max are here watching as the people we worked with begin to mentor others or begin to work in their new jobs.

As the seniors are leaving soon we are having meetings to make sure everybody knows what to do next year. Lily is practicing being Drive Coach creating courses and testing Tabitha the driver’s limits.

Lukas is creating a spreadsheet of past sponsors to contact for next year he is also working on developing a system to change the website directly.

Ben is teaching people to use tools such as the wood saw and the drill press. There seems to be a high interest in Mechanical team which is good for development next year.

Grant is testing a way to give more control to the driver and keep the robot standing.

All these people are doing great and I am excited to see what they will do next year.

The mood is expectant.

The quote of the day is “I doubt it will fall over”.