Vikings Robotics

Off-season Day 3 - The lonesome road

By Marshall McInerney (Whistlin' cowboy blues) on

Working with a skeleton crew communications most of the work falls onto me. Its kinda like the end of a movie where all the important side characters disappear. so by default I have to pull this team through the lack of manpower so we may reach our peak once again.

Mechanical is testing out the current intake, fabricating new intakes to test to see if we could have a better one, and also working on bumpers for the robot. all great stuff.

The Nerd (being so because only one member of software is here, so thanks to Grant) is working on an anti-tilt mechanism so the robot won’t tip over and trying out doing a two cube autonomous. good luck to him.

Last and least (because it also has just 2 members) is the drive team who is in charge of teaching the “new recruit” the traitor of the communications team, learning to set up the field and learning how to drive.

The mood is: cold but efficient.