Vikings Robotics Team 2984

  1. Survival!!

    By Lukas Koziol (Ha you thought!) on

    (Will we Climb?)

  2. Crunch-time

    By Lukas Koziol (Rocking out to esoteric Spanish music) on

    (Dig in and hold fast)

  3. Classes of the titans

    By Marshall McInerney (Rocking out to esoteric Spanish music) on

    (Classical Greek costumes.)

  4. Calorie counting

    By Lukas Koziol (One Plus One Equals One) on

    (Down with the tyrannical rulers?)

  5. Black Holes.

    By Marshall McInerney & Lukas Koziol (Believe in your dreams!!) on

    (Food goes in, what goes out?)


    By Lukas Koziol (RAAAAIIIIIIINNNNN!!!!!) on

    (Concerned for Electrons.)

  7. Threats of violence

    By Lukas Koziol (A slow day) on

    (Concerned for Logistics)

  8. Boardhouse reach

    By Marshall McInerney (IQ is a finite Resource) on

    (Building and Breaking)

  9. The 2019 Logo

    By Lukas Koziol on

    (I'm proud, can you tell?)