Vikings Robotics

Third at the San Diego Regional

By Tanvir Hussain on

Last week we finished off our Robotics season with the San Diego Regional. Our very own “Veto” made it to Third place alliance along with Kearny High and Valley Christian High.

We made a lot of friends and learned a lot at this competition and even if we didn’t win, we destroyed all expectations that were put in front of us. This was also the last time that me and other seniors would be at the Del Mar Arena for Robotics and I have to say, we have grown so much and there are no others that I would leave this team with.

Here are some of our best moments…

Queuing Drive team was always prepared to wait for their turn on the field. Anxious yet excited they prepare with their teammates.

The Field Standing at 56 ft by 24 ft it is the field big enough for 6 robots to simultaneously drive around placing milk crates on the scales to tip it in their favor.

Drive Team Tanvir yelling, Tabitha driving, Steven pressing and Tahseen placing…it makes for an exciting match.

The Stands Here we have those who would stay in the stands cheering on the drive team and taking notes on other teams to be used later.

The Pit Crew If bumpers were broken, if code needed to be written, battery exchange and screw tightening these guys did it all.

Seniors Unite Ah…the last year is always full of some great moments.