Vikings Robotics

Competition Day 1

By Lukas Koziol (Second time blogger) on

We made, and day zero was actioned packed. There’s so much to do, so much to see, so many new people to meet, It’s all so exciting! There are arcade machines, over priced food, pins to collect, and our first practice games. We lost some and we won some, we ironed out the bugs and we hope to be prepared for day 1 of the competition.

Our drive team is hard at work practicing, our electrical team is figuring out what breaks and our mechanical team is helping them to do so.

The Major factor that will decide who wins and loses will be our teammates and the luck of the draw of who we are against. Our members are all excited to see who will win and who will lose in a battle to see which robots are working.

-Lukas Koziol (The guy subbing in for Marshall)