Vikings Robotics

Final Competition Day

By Lukas Koziol (Third time blogger) on

The Final day, stress was at an all time high, and each match was a slugfest. At the end of the main competition, we were 14th in the standings and hoping to get picked onto an alliance to make it into the final knockout bracket. With alliance selection just before lunch the team prayed for success and it happened. We made it onto the alliance of the seventh seed and had 2 hours to prepare for the match of the knockout bracket. Our first match was a impactful win getting us into semifinals which we were promptly eliminated at. Then the main event, a scene at Denny’s akin to the schwarma scene in the end credits of avenger, where we were all simultaneously dissapointed in subpar food but picked up by comradery as well as expectations of our next season. Our season was a success, reaching the knockout bracket for the first time in over 4 years. With our seniors leaving, we will now prepare be preparing for battle at the border in the offseason. -Lukas Koziol (The guy subbing in for Marshall)