Vikings Robotics Team 2984

Lathe Training

In this lesson we will be covering just how to use the lathe. From using the chucks and the multitude of knobs to using the stand to smoothing the inner surface of a shaft. There will be a video tutorial at the bottom of each of the lessons.


There are quite a few ways to move the lathe, in this lesson I will outline them. To start out here is a diagram of all the knobs on the carriage.


  • (A) Carriage handwheel: moves the carriage large distances along the lathe’s length
  • (B) Cross feed handwheel: moves the tool in and out perpendicularly to the Carriage handwheel’s motion
  • (C) Half-nut Lever: engages the auto feeder
  • (D) Carriage lock screw: locks the carriage’s position along the lathe’s length.
  • (E) Tool post slide handwheel: used for fine movements along the length of the lathe while taking off material
  • (F) Tool post: holds the tool which is shown by letter H
  • (G) Locking Lever: locks the tool in place so it can not move
  • (H) Tool: an attachment that can be swapped out for a different use
  • (I) Compound Rest: the assembly that slides around on top of the carriage
  • (J) Carriage: the base assembly of the lathe which only moves along the lathe’s length