Vikings Robotics Team 2984

Logomotion 2011

WE FINALLY WON THIS YEAR!!! During our Las Vegas Regional we were picked to be on an alliance that ended up winning the Las Vegas Regional. This was a great year for us and we should follow this as an example for future years.

This is a video from the San Diego Regional. This is not the regional we won at but it still shows how great our robot was

Qualification 4 at San Diego

Our Plan

Just like all the other robots our robot was designed to have a grabber that could be moved to variable heights to put the balloons on different pegs. Our robot was not different but we had a great driver and operator which really set us apart from the competition.

This was the only year that we had a driver practice every single day of the build season and then some. In today’s competitions there is a lot more diversity among teams but the driver skill is still very important.

Our Shortcomings

Honestly this was a great year but what this year lacked was a schedule. There was no set deadlines that needed to be met at certain times. Without these deadlines we lose the focus that can be the difference between winning and losing a competition.

The Game