Vikings Robotics



Max Apodaca (Senior) Aden Hibbs (Senior)
- Electrical and Software Lead - Mechanical Lead
- Max is prepared to teach all the new members. - Aden is excited to win this year’s competition.
Max Apodaca's Picture Aden Hibbs' Picture
Tanvir Hussain (Senior) Alex Gross (Sophmore)
- Communications Lead - Logistics Lead
- Tanvir is ready to leave behind a good monetary fund for the team. - Alex is looking forward to experiencing new things and the teamwork required this year.
Tanvir Hussain's Picture Alex Gross' Picture
Steven Gazi (Senior) Dylan Hickson Long (Senior)
- Electrical and Software Member - Mechanical Member
- Steven is ready to learn how to not shock himself. - Dylan is ready to build a large and highly competent team.
Steven Gazi's Picture Dylan Hickson Long's Picture
Monika Lyons (Junior) Jack Andrews (Sophmore)
- Mechanical Member - Mechanical Member
- Monika is happy to build the prototypes for this year. - Jack is excited to use some hacksaws.
Monika Lyons' Picture Jack Andrews' Picture
Warren Chang (Junior) Lukas Koziol (Junior)
- Communications Member - Communications Member
- Warren wants to learn how to code a website. - Lukas is looking forward to making this website.
Warren Chang's Picture Lukas Koziol's Picture
Richard Chao (Freshman) Aaron Goff (Freshman)
- Electrical and Software Member - Electrical and Software Member
- Richard wants to learn more about how robots work. - Aaron thinks that making robots is fuuuuun.
Richard Chao's Picture Aaron would like to not have an interview picture displayed
Bohan Chen (Freshman) Niki Hartman (Freshman)
- Mechanical Member - Communications Member
- Bohan is prepared to break repair and break again everything in the room. - Niki is ready to make some friends with robots.
Bohan Chen's Picture Niki Hartman's Picture
Tabitha Hibbs (8th Grader) Tahseen Hussain (Freshman)
- Mechanical Member - Electrical and Software Member
- Tabitha is excited to work with all the machines in the room. - Tahseen is happy to make all the programs necessary to make the robot work.
Tabitha Hibbs' Picture Tahseen Hussain's Picture
Marshall McInerney (Freshman) Eric Na (Freshman)
- Communications Member - Electrical and Software Member
- Marshall is ready to raise over $10,000 for his year in robotics. - Eric is prepared to learn something outside of regular class.
Marshall McInerney's Picture Eric Na's Picture
Grant Pauker (Freshman) Cameron Reikes (Freshman)
- Electrical and Software Member - Electrical and Software Member
- Grant is prepared to make something that works most of the time. - Cameron is happy to work on the robot for six weeks.
Grant Pauker's Picture Cameron Reikes' Picture
Lily Sauer (Freshman) Ben Winograd (Freshman)
- Mechanical Member - Mechanical Member
- Lily is looking forward to building the robot. - Ben is ready to make and destroy pieces of the robot.
Lily Sauer's Picture Ben Winograd's Picture
Eric Zhou (Freshman) Hannah Kim (Junior)
- Electrical and Software Member - Communications Member
- Eric hopes to get through the season without a scratch. - Hannah is looking forward to making this year’s website.
Eric Zhou's Picture Hannah hasn’t had an opportunity to take a interview picture
Rich Apodaca Jim Snook
- Software Mentor - Mechanical Mentor
- Rich is ready for his first year as a mentor. - Jim is happy that the new members are being taught before the new season starts

Information for Parents

Our team takes safety as our top priority. We always have an adult with us when we are in the Robotics room. All students who operate the machinery are monitored to avoid accidents. Along with being safe we also get fed every Saturday due to the long hours we are at the room. This weekly lunch is usually paid for and retrieved by students but we are asking parents to spend some time helping out the team. More information can be found at

Information for Mentors

Hello! Team 2984 robotics team needs YOU! We are in search of mentors and teachers to help supervise and instruct to benefit the team. If your child is interested in robotics or you’ve participated in a similar club then email us at for further information.

We have two full time mentors who specialize in software and fabrication. We have about 10 laptops, 1 desktop, 2 mills, 1 bandsaw, 1 lathe, 3 hand drills, although any help would be greatly appreciated whether it’s your time or expertise.

-Vikings team 2984

Information for Subteams

Our team is split into four groups. Communications deals with community outreach creating the website and fundraising. Logistics is the gateway for our team into the financial world they plan our budget and T-shirts. Mechanical creates what we imagine assembling the robot and any attachments. Electrical/Software is the code behind our feats, they assemble and fix any electrical components we have on the robot and create the code that the robot can automatically follow to shoot a ball, climb a rope, or scale the tallest mountains.


FIRST stands for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology”. There are hundreds of Regionals around the world as well as a few National competitions and a Worlds competition each year. Overall there is about 3,600 teams from all over the world from China to Germany to right here at home. FIRST was founded in 1989 by Dean Kamen, and has dedicated itself to inspiring students to become leaders in STEM fields.


Members are asked to fill out an emergency contact form and take a safety test in order to be at the robotics club. The safety test can be found here along with a guide to help members know what to do and how to be safe.


Do Problems 1 - 59, 70 - 83, 89, 94 - 95, 113 - 114.